Cavalher | ASTROLOGY


Project Description


Astrology is not a gift.
Rather, astrology is the interpretation of a mathematical model of the Cosmos, based on the the synchronicity between the movement of the stars and the spiritual, psychological and physical events in a person’s life. Since the most important aspect of it is INTERPRETATION, the quality and precision of the analysis depends of the level of consciousness that the astrologist possesses.
Astrology describes you in spiritual, psychological and physical terms across the whole spectrum of your life both conscious and unconscious. Money, family, relationships, career, spiritual life and more are revealed. It is a highly valued practice for anyone who wants to achieve deep self-knowledge.
This service can be provided either personally, via SKYPE (video or audio) or through an MP3 recording emailed to you.

 Lectures (videos)

Natal chart

This looks at who YOU ARE.
It is performed once in a life time.
It takes around 30 one hour sessions (the exact number of sessions depends upon the unique aspects of each chart).
Cost per session: USD 130.00


 Annual chart

This looks at the current period of your life, i.e. who you are NOW. It is performed once a year, preferably around your birthday.
Performed in one three-hour session, approximately.
Cost per session. USD 390.00