Project Description

The human psychological structure is a complex system that can be understood with precision and rapidly transformed through individual psychological processes. Through these processes, new abilities are developed, such as high speed processing of information, prolific creativity and higher material achievements. Interpersonal relationships become more productive and enjoyable. A high level of self-esteem is achieved, which is the most fundamental element for self-love, as well as spiritual, emotional, professional and financial success. Above all, exclusive individual gifts are developed.

Cavalher knows the Unconscious profoundly, and treats it as an endless source of wealth. He demonstrates that through working in a practical manner with the Unconscious, latent capabilities are activated and the way by which life behaves towards oneself changes. Repetitive patterns are eliminated and entirely new relationships and situations appear. Psychological problems are transformed in personal achievements. For that purpose, Cavalher avoids fanciful spiritual concepts, rose-tinted views and the immaturity of positive thinking and the law of attraction. He destroys idealist views about how things should be and faces the reality of oneself and the world. After all, those who have the courage to see themselves and the world as they are have a much greater chance to transpose limits and achieve concrete objectives in their lives.