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Project Description

Cavalher dedicated his career to the understanding of the human psychological structure, to presenting it clearly to people and applying it in practical situations. For such, he studied the Analytical Psychology of Jung and the Philosophy of Nietzsche. He is an expert in the symbols present in the mythology of various cultures, in astrology and alchemy. He has specialized in the analysis of the Unconscious and dream interpretation. In order to access the Unconscious in a fast, precise and safe manner, he has created an entirely original style of Kinesiology, greatly accelerating the achievement of results. Cavalher is the author of The Paradigm of Sense. This is a new psychological paradigm, created in 2008 and tested for 9 years: the paradigm for those who successfully performed the Junguian process of individuation.

For 14 years Cavalher has been conducting lectures, courses and workshops in São Paulo and New York, on the structure of the human consciousness, the Unconscious and symbols. These themes are timeless and go beyond recent superficial proposals of self-help and esotericism, which are repetitive and disappointing. Striking deeper than wellness trends, psychological development produces steady consciousness, rather than temporary relief.

In the last 20 years, Cavalher has been dedicated to the analysis of the Unconscious and the construction of a super-consciousness in businessman, CEOs of various companies, cinema directors, actors, medical doctors, lawyers, federal police officers, dancers, judges, professors, PRs, estate agents, fashion stylists, economists and psychologists in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Nova York, London, Berlin and Prague.